Anna Whitmore Art

How I create each piece

Each one of my pieces is hand-drawn in archival ink, mounted on a birch panel and then hand covered with resin. This process intensifies the contrast of black on white, capturing the simplicity of detail in the lines and textures. Each piece looks like a porcelain tile which accentuates the delicate nature of the subject matter.



Each piece is hand-drawn

Each one of my pieces is hand-drawn. Which means each piece is one of a kind. I draw all of my work on artist tiles using archival ink.

Each piece is hand mounted 

When a piece is finished it is mounted on a stained birch panel. These panels are made in Ontario and stained in my studio. This process creates the gallery block. 


Each piece is resined by hand

After the drawing is mounted on the gallery block, resin is then poured over each piece, a blow torch is used to remove any bubbles, and a screen is placed over the pieces to prevent dust from settling on the work. This is all done in my home studio.

Because each piece is drawn, mounted and resined by hand it is never perfect but always beautiful.