We have a little cabin up north. It has a wood stove for heat. No running water and no electricity. In the crispness and cold of winter there is only one thing to do at the cabin - stay warm and enjoy the brightness.

In the wilderness the winter almost forces you to rest. The summer and fall are spent in preparation and the winter is the time to survive. the bleakness and bareness and quiet of winter is meant to be a time of deep, to your bones, rest. The animals, trees, and lakes sleep.

The problem is we live in cities with every comfort and winter rest isn't available to us. The stillness of snow, the simplicity of white, the quiet of cold, they don't seem to touch us. We brave them and continue with our rush. We forget the lesson of winter - that we all need long periods of stillness, rest, and simplicity. That a few hours is not enough. That absolute change is the only way to find deep rest.

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