Anna Whitmore Art

Frequently asked questions

Is each piece original, or is it a print?

Each one of my pieces is hand drawn. I do not make prints. No two pieces are the same, from the smallest 4"x4" to the largest 18"x24". Each piece is an original drawing, which means once a piece is sold it is no longer available. 

Will my piece yellow with age?

I use Art Resin which is specifically designed to not yellow with age. However, if a piece is kept in direct sunlight it may overtime have an aged look. I think this looks lovely but if you would like to keep your piece as white as possible keep it out of direct sunlight. 

Do You Accept Returns?

I want everyone who purchases my work to love it. If the piece isn't what you expected please let me know and I will arrange a return.

How Do You Create Your Pieces?

Each piece is hand drawn, mounted on a birch panel and covered in resin. The resin creates a glass-like finish and enhances the vibrancy of the ink. 

Do You Do Commissions?

Commissions are great for a specific space or occasion. I do five commissions a year. If you are interested in a commission please visit my commissions page.

Can I Hang My Piece In The Bathroom?

Each piece is mounted on a stained piece of wood and is resined this process protects it from moisture, making it perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. 

When Will You Have Pieces In Your Shop?

Each piece is hand drawn therefore it takes a while to get a collection together. I put out four collections a year when the collection is sold out the shop is empty.

If you would like to see the collection as soon as they are ready please join my mailing list.